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The Home Concierge offers a variety of tools and services to help you proactively keep your home in great shape and increase its value over time!

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How To Get The Most Out Of This Service

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  • Update Your Home Data

    • Your Househappy portal catalogs over 300 points of information about your home in one place so you can easily access it when needed. Login to your Househappy portal for information on how to update your home data.

      • ​​Expert tip: Uploading your home inspections, warranty details and insurance documents not only conveniently stores home documents, it also gives you credit towards home services!

  • Proactively Maintain Your Home

    • Check your email for personalized service reminders to help you keep your home maintained at a high level, and increase its value over time.

  • Easily Request Services

    • Get matched with trusted, insured professionals to complete any work you need done on your home, right through Househappy.

  • Utilize Rewards Points and Discounts

    • Check out all the special offers you have access to in your portal and earn rewards points to use towards new projects! Plus, as a new member you get a $50 credit!

  • Talk To Your Concierge

    • Your own personal concierge helps you make sure you are getting the right provider and that the work is getting done the right way!

  • Get Quick Estimates

    • Download the Househappy app for iOS or Google Play for easy access to updates.


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There are many ways that you can save money and keep your home in pristine condition without spending a ton of time or requiring professionals. You will be able to spend the weekends with family, friends, hobbies and passions rather than fixing things inside an old house!

Fix any broken appliances when they happen so you don't have to pay someone else every week just because it's easier for them. If there is something wrong somewhere such as light bulbs burnt out, change those before buying new ones - its cheaper then waiting until BRAND NEW lights burn out again soon after replacing all previous burned-out bulbs last month