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I started working in Mortgages in 2005. I worked through the boom and bust of the last cycle and learned a lot. When I came back to the mortgage industry after many years of working in other realms of finance, I learned that the technology had gone virtually unchanged. For this reason, I have decided to help automate my process for the modern world, to save time for my clients and my team. This has created a fast and easy process with transparent quotes, and efficient processes.

Monthly Real Estate Wealth Digest For All Of Our Clients

Our concierge positions us as the home value expert by putting automated home values to work for us - not against us.

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Generate Deals

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Automate Value Requests

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Provide Value

Market Experts with Charts and Newsletters.

Real Estate Market Data

We will be seen as the market experts with up to date info as the market unfolds.

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Real Estate Market Data

Current market info specific to their area on affordability, appreciation, existing and new construction, and also of great importance, the current job market.

This will help the potential buyer see the value.

Buying vs Renting

If your potential borrower is deciding between buying or renting, this flyer will help them see the enormous benefit of buying over renting.

If they are not in a buy vs. rent scenario, then they will receive a current update on housing.

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Keys To The New Place

Let's Build Together!

A Partner You Can Trust

We know that building your business isn't easy, and the right lending partner is hard to find. That's why we provide the tools to help your clients close. Take a look at some great ways we can co-brand!

This will help the potential buyer see the value.

We provide a multitude of features and marketing tools that will help you increase your batting average and turn more conversations into applications.